What is Guest Blogging in SEO? An Aide for Novices

Editor’s Presentation: Welcome to our aid on guest blogging in SEO. As is appropriate, this is a guest post from our companion Alex at ProfContent. Alex breaks down everything beginners need to know to get started with guest blogging all over the web. Take it, Alex.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging – also known as guest posting – is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog to construct relationships, exposure, authority, and backlinks.

Links are a primary ranking factor in Google, and SEO offers a strong chance of getting a link back from another website, among other marketing considerations in the guest blogging.

Guest blogging builds a relationship with the blogger hosting your post, connects with their audience for additional exposure, and helps you build authority among that crowd.

Bloggers are keen on publishing excellent content on their blogs that they can involve drawing new perusers as well as sharing with their current crowd. This makes guest blogging a win-win solution for both website owners who want to rank higher in search engines (and need links to do so) and bloggers who assist to drive more readers to their blogs.

Is guest blogging good for bloggers?

The short answer is yes again.

However long as the blogger is shrewd and able to invest time sifting through and altering posts from outside sources, guest blogging can be an incredible source of significant content for the blogger’s audience.

A significant piece of altering any external contribution is assessing the links within the content. You should not exclude a link unless it makes editorial sense.

Investigate this (or another) post about guest blogging and inbound marketing composed by Neil Patel. Almost every paragraph has an external link. You see, Neil knows that links enhance the value of a post by giving more information and extra assets. Be like Neil.

Step-by-step instructions to find locales that acknowledge guest posts and outside givers.

Prospect the web (search with Google, social media, mine asset records, and so forth.)

  1. Use websites that connect publishers and bloggers.
  2. Four websites for connecting publishers and bloggers are described in this post.

I have utilized a few of them and can let you know that they are not exactly as powerful and popular as I would like. Most blogs are truly youthful and run by website admins who rarely write and assist quality content for free. Although the fish are somewhat small, I prescribed enrolling with a few administrations to monitor offers and sit tight for your white whale.

Badly designed Truth: A few bloggers hate being gotten information about guest blogging.

Sites that don’t ask for guest posts may not be open to outside contributions at all.

It depends on the industry, but you should be prepared for a low response rate. Good blogs receive constant emails containing guest posts, so they may not even respond. This is particularly true if you email a blogger who doesn’t acknowledge guest posts.

Why do some blogs not accept outside content? The answer is simple – in the past, this strategy has been spammed by SEOs who are not interested in readers. They send cheap and poorly written articles and only care about the link.

How Guest Blogging Improves SEO


The essential impact of guest blogging on your web page’s SEO is through your site’s connection profile. As you contribute to new sites, you should save new links to the new websites (where you contribute your post).

Backlinks are one of the most important positioning elements in search tool optimization and will be for years to come.

There are a few perspectives on how Google assesses a link. This incorporates the domain and page the link is on, the position of the link on the page, and the anchor text (the interactive piece of the text).

In this section, I will explain how to use the links you get from guest blogging to improve your SEO strategy. A quick word on no follow links: You should aim (in most cases) for a normal link from blogs, but don’t sweat some no follow links in the process.