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Some Fancy Restaurants In Dubai At Global Village



Global Village is the best place to enjoy in Dubai. It is well known for its adventurous and exciting places, which include entertainment parks, water parks, and restaurants. It depicts the cultural and food diversity of many countries and has some of the best restaurants in town. Let us now take a look at some fancy restaurants in Dubai known for their versatile cuisines and breathtaking ambience. 


Top 8  Fancy Restaurant In Dubai In Global Village

Al Amoor

Among the most popular restaurants in Global Village, Al Amooris serves a wide range of Egyptian food. They provide a genuine and flavorful range of Egyptian cuisine. 


Al Amoor is known for providing the most flavorful, meaty packing available. With their modest cuisine, which comprises sandwiches, salads, appetisers, grills, and more, each item on their menu bursts with exotic flavours. You can visit this restaurant with your family and unwind, enjoy, and interact while dining.


Al Farooj

One of the cafes in Global Village, called Al Farooj, is well known for serving non-vegetarian meals. They provide sweets, french fries, chips, wraps, shawarmas, and crispy rice bowls. Al Farooj is a fantastic location for family meals since the food is very delicious.


Al Farooj’s chicken breast pieces are expertly breaded, deep-fried, and deliver sizzling, crispy, and luscious flesh in each crunch. The list of special herbs and spices they use to prepare their non-vegetarian meals makes it worthwhile to eat at this cafe in Global Village.



Chili’s is another fancy restaurants in Dubai that offers quality cuisine and drinks put up in a family-friendly manner. It is highly known for its flavour and taste combination in Tex-Mex and casual American cuisine. Their Mexican cuisine is delicious and nutritious. Smoked Chicken Quesadillas, Tacos, Chicken Crispers, Tostadas, Burritos, Veggie Enchiladas, and Chicharron De Queso are some of their most popular menu items.


They also provide delicious beverages, including strawberry basil margaritas, iced tea, and peach lemonade. This is unquestionably one of the fanciest restaurants at Dubai’s Global Village, where Mexico’s hot, vibrant, and mystical flavours will captivate you.


Grand Barbeque

One of the fancy restaurants in Dubai’s  Global Village, Grand Barbeque, delivers genuine Indian food. Everyone enjoys their scrumptious barbecued dishes, appetisers, main courses, and desserts that are created with a mingling of varied flavours. Try their famous biryanis, prepared with rice and boiled in a covered clay pot over moderate heat.


They provide both customary vegetarian cuisine and non-vegetarian options. Additionally, they specialise in classic Indian fare and provide delicacies like Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken. Additionally, they have a buffet system for an all-family feast. They also offer foods from Asia and other countries.


Al Haaj Bundoo Khan

One of the well-known Global Village Restaurants, Al Haaj Bundoo Khan, provides traditional Pakistani food, including its famous biryani recipes (chicken and mutton), made using traditional recipes passed down through the centuries, and famous Karachi gravy dishes.


The Al Haaj Bundoo Khan is well known for its non-vegetarian food options. So, if you are someone who enjoys a non-vegan meal, head out to this restaurant for their famous Peshawari Mutton, Haleem, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Fish Tikka, Paratha Kebabs, and Nehari. 


Babu Town Restaurant

This is the ideal place to go if you’re seeking mouthwatering Indian food with a contemporary twist. Here, you can enjoy a meal of rich, flavorful, spice-filled Indian food. Tandoor, traditional curries (including chicken, butter chicken, and rogan josh), vegetarian options, regional specialities, and biryanis are among the many meals offered, along with naan chole, roti, and bhature chole. 


This fancy restaurant in Dubai is known for offering Biryanis wrapped in freshly sliced tandoori roti and served in coconut shells. The restaurant’s cosy and welcoming interior will instantly transfer you to a traditional Indian Dhaba.


Al Garhoud Restaurant

For those seeking a sit-down Emirati supper, Al Garhoud offers classic Emirati flavours in a casual environment. Traditional Emirati dishes include machboos with chicken or pig, a popular rice meal accompanied with salad and yoghurt, as well as a sweet, balaleet, egg dish and savoury vermicelli, khameer flatbread, etc. What distinguishes it from a biryani is its unique spice combinations.


Steak On Fries

Steak on Fries is a famous restaurant in Dubai’s Global Village. It offers everyone’s favourite fast food, like Burgers, Fries, Wraps and beverages. Steak on fries is a great place to have fast food, which is crispy and hot. It is also located in the middle of the Global Village. 



With this, we conclude our list of fancy restaurants in Dubai’s Global Village. These fancy restaurants are well known for their special recipes, fast food and their unique blend of spices. So whether you are looking for a traditional meal from the Indian subcontinent or just a burger to satiate your hunger, Global Village has something for all. From the Babu Town restaurant to the Steak on fries, these restaurants are simply the best at what they offer.

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