How To Play A Virtual Escape Room Over Zoom?  

We sense that you’ve recently been into the craze of escape games adventure, and now you intend to try it remotely with your peers. You don’t have to worry a bit! We are cracking up to tell you the easiest ways to have an escape room over Zoom and have ultimate fun with your mates. Play A Virtual Escape Room

All of us miss spending time with our pals. We feel more distant from the ones we love than ever, thanks to the pandemic! Even if zoom’s pleasant hours, frequent FaceTime chats, and recreational meetups for socially isolated people are all fantastic alternatives, nothing beats gathering a bunch for fun and laughs. In a period when we all feel little detached, virtual technology enable you and your pals to stay connected to one another while also providing everyone with even more fun. Let’s know how you can host it! 

What are Virtual Escape Games? 

You and your pals can embark on remote escapades known as “virtual escape rooms” whenever it is most appropriate for the group. You and your Team will have sixty minutes to work through the Zoom escape space challenge, decipher hints, and work out puzzles in a Rush escape room.  

The rules for playing a virtual escape room—also known as a Zoom escape room—are identical to those for a physical one. The primary distinction is that everyone takes part from the convenience of their home, office, neighborhood coffee shop, or library. A workstation and internet access is all you need to join!  

Your group must demonstrate exceptional teamwork, communication, and critical thinking abilities to win the game. Around every turn, there are mysteries to uncover and puzzles to solve; objects that initially seem unrelated to your quest may ultimately contain the crucial information you need to accomplish it. 

Respect each other all through the approach, observe, consider the best plan of action, and try many methods until you discover what works, and you’ll succeed! Only by cooperating can it be accomplished. Play A Virtual Escape Room

How to Get Started with Playing Virtual Escape Rooms? 

Procedure Play A Virtual Escape Room with Velki live

The Escape Game makes it incredibly simple to sign up for a virtual escape room with pals. We want you to be able to concentrate on organizing an hour of thrilling virtual fun with your pals. We’ll take care of every last little thing. A small group reservation: Each game accommodates up to 8 players, and you may check our availability and make reservations at any reputable website. A larger group’s reservation: We advise making a reservation through our Events Team if you have a larger group (usually 25+), are searching for opportunities for virtual team development, or have a unique request. Play A Virtual Escape Room


  1. Make Way – You need to get in touch with amazingly escape service providing websites such as Breakout® to get in touch and register for access by online betting methods like form fill up and mailing it on the portal’s domain. 
  2. Organize beforehand – The Team will discuss your specific needs and desires. This will enable us to design your ideal Zoom breakout game experience.
  3. Payment – These options include sending an invoice to the event promoter’s email address or taking credit cards over through the call at the time of booking.
  4. Event verification mail – The organizer will get this email and must forward it to each friend. It will specify the time and location of the Zoom escape session and how participants can participate.
  5. Obtain the occasion – The day before the scheduled time for the online escape room with relatives, acquaintances, or workmates, the person in charge of organizing the event will be sent a unique URL. The Team will be able to contact the preferred portal, the host, and their Game Guide through the link. 


Ta-da! Do you see? Piece of cake. All you had to do was get in touch with a trusted escape game web service as per your choice and follow these steps. Prepare for 60 minutes of suspense, excitement, and exhilaration once you and your buddies are linked to the escape mystery. An event organizer and gameplay guide will greet attendees after they have all joined via Zoom. 


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