How to Choose the Best Nike Mens Glasses for Your Beard Style?

You rarely heard Nike glasses and bearded men in the same statement. When we think of spectacles, we immediately think of the trendy types worn by models and celebrities. However, nobody knows the dilemma of selecting Nike men’s glasses to match a beard.

On the other hand, you have two advantages to use to change the contour of your face. Glasses and beards come in many forms and sizes. So the next question is, how do you combine them? However, you can look up to superstars known for their prescription eyewear and beard appearance, which may take some time. Take the simple route and spend a few minutes on this site.

Popular beard and Nike glasses style

Let’s start with the fact that not all facial features are the same. However, they share several characteristics and aspects that classify them. While there is no fundamental science, here is a quick review of various facial features and the iconic beard and eyewear styles that work for each of them.

Face with a round shape

You should tone down your fat cheeks and establish curves and lines for your normal symmetry unless you want to enchant females with your baby face look.

  • Beard Style: Fortunately, you have a beard to help thin your face. Trim your beard on the sides and let it grow thick and long on the chin. It will give your face a crisp aspect without creating a natural look.
  • Frame shape: Choose an extremely rectangular shape for your spectacles to bring out the round shape of your jawline and make it appear longer. Classic wayfarer and square eyeglasses frames stretching the width of your face will also suit. There are many famous people with round-face beard styles and glasses.

Face with oval shape

If you believe that anything will suit oval facial features, you are partially correct. You get the best of both worlds in terms of square and round facial features. As a result, the majority of the popular beard and Nike eyeglasses frame designs can be utilized for your benefit.

  • Beard style: If your selections are nearly limitless, avoid styles that make your face appear oddly longer than it is. You’ll look best with a short beard. However, if you want a royal beard, you can go for it.
  • Frame shape: Thinking of frame designs, you have good luck in this area as well. If traditional styles aren’t your cup of tea, try aviator glasses or bigger designs to stand out. Transparent frames for guys are ideal for keeping things light and natural. These eyeglasses, with their colorless frames, will draw attention to your best features.

Face with square shape

If you have a square facial shape, you know what is your favorite feature: your powerful jawline. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beard and eyewear styles.

  • Beard style: Your goal should be to highlight, not hide, the exquisite angles of your face. Choose a small beard to draw attention to your broad chin. Shorter beard styles on the sides and thicker ones on the chin will extend and shape your face.
  • Frame design: Now that you’ve finished sharpening your features, it’s time to evaluate your look. Soften your sharp facial features by wearing curvy or round designs. A square beard with an aviator Nike eyeglasses glasses frame will match your natural shape while emphasizing your jawline.

Face with heart and diamond shape

Both of these facial forms are nearly identical, with the exception that a heart-face shape is thin from the forehead, but a diamond face is also short around the eye line.

  • Beard style: Allow the beard to grow behind your jaw while keeping it small near your cheeks and chin. Shave it into a round form to avoid having angular cheekbones.
  • Frame design: Choose wide browline frames to broaden your brow and soften the impression of your strong cheekbones. For a more professional appearance, try a wayfarer frame style. Rimless glasses can complement any outfit and offer you an intellectual edge.

You know what they say: a man with a beard and spectacles can always be trusted. Grow a beard and be comfortable in your own skin. Finish off your outfit with a smart pair of Nike reading glasses to feel like the best appearance of yourself.

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